Goodwill Ambassador Catarina Furtado Addresses Youth at Portugal's Parliament

28 January 2011
Author: UNFPA
Goodwill Ambassador Catarina Furtado Addresses Youth at Portugal
Catarina Furtado sharing the podium with Jorge Sampaio, UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations.

UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador Catarina Furtado joined a special session of the Portuguese Parliament to commemorate the International Year of Youth. During the ceremony, Ms. Furtado addressed the young people about her role and experience as a Goodwill Ambassador. She also presented to the participants the Young Portuguese Ambassadors of the International Year.

Laurentino Dias, Portugal's Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, thanked Ms. Furtado for her participation, saying that her “life and personal and political journey are an example for the Portuguese youth.”  He also commended her for her work as Goodwill Ambassador, and for “the prestige this brings to Portugal and the Portuguese Youth.”

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