26 May 2011
Recent reports show that people in Viet Nam and Thailand are living longer and choosing smaller families. This good news means, however, that both countries are confronting substantial challenges as their demographic... Read more
30 December 2009
MAE HONG SORN, Thailand – Hidden between towering mountains, with forested slopes stretching to the Myanmar border, this province is covered with mist virtually all year round. The charming scenery can quickly turn... Read more
2 March 2005
NAM KHEM, Phang-nga Province, Thailand—When the tsunami waters raged through this fishing town, home to thousands of migrant families from Myanmar, Nu Nu Aye raced to the office of World Vision, where she volunteered as... Read more
12 November 2008
HAT YAI, Thailand– Nurama ‘Mee’ Jaedo is a young woman with a mischievous smile and no regrets, even though the baby she had at the age of 16 was not planned. “I was on the Pill, but sometimes I forgot to take it, so I... Read more
23 October 2006
DOI SAKET, Chiang Mai, Thailand — In modern societies where people tend to place products above human relations, older people are often considered a burden. But in this poor community affected by AIDS, they are valuable... Read more
9 July 2007
BANGKOK, Thailand—Jenjira Boonlom lies wearily on her bed in the post-partum ward of the Bangkhen district hospital, still weak from her Caesarean operation a week ago. Despite the pain, she feels blissful, appreciating... Read more
11 July 2007
UNITED NATIONS, New York—Having children is a partnership. It is one in which women face greater risks, both because of physiological differences and gender inequities. Women have a right to health, but protecting that... Read more


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