9 October 2015
Marcelle, 19, calls for girls to “get an education and be successful in life.” She and other elite athletes at the All African Games promoted girls’ rights, health and well-being through a variety of UNFPA-supported programmes. © UNFPA Congo
BRAZZAVILLE, Congo – “We are tired of hearing our parents telling us how, back in their days, young girls were married already at the age of 13,” said Marcelle, 19. “What is important today is to get an education and be... Read more
20 November 2013
In the News
When Agnes Lunkembesa gave birth to her ninth child, she decided enough was enough. But although she knew perfectly well how babies were made, she had no idea how to stop them being made. Then she met Seraphine... Read more
16 May 2012
BRAZZAVILLE, Republic of Congo--- On 2 March, a series of early morning explosions in the Mpila munitions reserve shattered a densely populated neighbourhood in this capital city. The blasts were catastrophic—over 286... Read more
12 June 2011
In French BRAZZAVILLE, Republic of Congo — “The women I see are usually in a critical state. They are destitute and don’t have any means to support themselves,” says Albertine Lelo, a midwife in Dongou, a small town in... Read more
19 May 2011
UNITED NATIONS, New York – The indigenous forest dwellers of the Republic of Congo are in danger of extinction, warns David Lawson, UNFPA Representative in that country. Recently released results of Congo’s 2007... Read more