Budget Associate, Resource Planning and Budgeting Branch, Division for Management Services

Level: G-7
Contract Type: Temporary Appointment
Closing date: 5 March 2020 - 5:00pm(New York time)
Duty station: New York, USA
Job ID: 28868

The Resource Planning and Budgeting Branch is responsible for preparing, coordinating and managing the organization’s Integrated Budget. The Branch plays a key role in the distribution and management of financial resources and the monitoring of expenditures.

In direct support of UNFPA's Programme and Management, ensures proper and effective preparation, management and implementation of the Integrated Budget, effective and efficient management of the budgetary allotments, through the following areas of activities:

  • Budget planning and formulation
  • Budget implementation, monitoring, oversight and control
  • Advisory support, knowledge management and capacity building, technical guidance
  • Design and preparation of reports and analysis on budgetary performance

Main Tasks & Responsibilities

1.        Budget planning and formulation

Analyses budget proposals, identifies and reviews expenditure patterns, determines the adequacy of budget proposals, based on the pre-determined availability of regular resources. Prepares estimates to be incorporated in the Integrated Budget to support the submission of the overall budget to the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) and the Executive Board.

2.        Budget implementation, monitoring, oversight and control

Monitors the implementation of the Institutional Budget component of the Integrated Budget as well as any special designated regular resources allotted to Headquarters and Field Offices to ensure timely, accurate and transparent management of those financial resources.

Monitors Institutional Budget expenditures to ensure that the expenditures are valid and charges and are within the approved allotments.

Monitors/analyses expenditures incurred to identify adherence to established guidelines and evaluates quality of budget management and reporting

Monitors compliance of the Institutional Budget component of the Accountability Check list and performs office assessment

Monitors the number/levels of posts reflected in Atlas to ensure that they are in line with the Executive Board approved posts. Reviews and revises requests for issuance and re-deployments within the levels of approved allotments, and determines the appropriate amounts and availability of funds.

Ensures that Institutional Budget funds are correctly utilized and recorded in the year services were received.

Assesses UNFPA records on liability and payment of contributions and reimbursements to UN/UNDP and other agencies, and establishes liability for unpaid commitments.

3.       Advisory support, knowledge management and capacity building, technical guidance

Provides guidance to UNFPA Representatives, Headquarters’ Division Directors and Country Offices staff on budgetary and other financial matters and implementation of the Institutional Budget to ensure adherence to the financial regulations and rules and established guidelines

Drafts budget related correspondences to Headquarters’ Division Directors, UNFPA Representatives, Operations Managers and Administrative/Finance Assistants, on the issuance of budgets and revisions, advises on discrepancies and provide guidance and corrective actions to be taken.

Provide substantive support to the knowledge sharing on assigned substantive areas through various means (e.g. integrated service desk, trainings, on-line tools, facilitated platforms, etc.)

Prepares briefing notes advising on staffing and financial reporting for appointed/visiting UNFPA Representatives; participates in briefing of new Representatives

Provides advice and guidance for office relocation proposals in coordination with FASB, ITSO and OSC

Identifies needs for new or modified guidelines and proposes actions as required

4.        Design and preparation of reports and analysis on budgetary performance

Designs reports, tables and graphs for presentation in the Integrated Budget document, expenditure projections and other reports

Monitors, analyses, and reports on any special designated regular resources beyond the Institutional Budget in line with allocations.

Qualifications and Experience

Completion of secondary education with supplemental training in business, financial management or accounting.

Proficiency in the use of Excel, Word processing and computerized applications. 

At least 7 years of finance related work experience. Familiarity with ATLAS and UN accounting systems desirable.

English is required. French or Spanish desirable

Excellent writing and communication skills.

Excellent organizational and analytical skills, ability to work in a multi-cultural team and must be able to work independently and under pressure.

Candidate must pass the UN GGST/ASAT to be appointed to this position

LOCAL POSITION:  Candidates applying for this position must have a valid G-4 visa (granted based on duty station being USA) or currently have USA Permanent Residency or USA Citizenship to be appointed to this positions.

We are no longer accepting applications for this position.

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