Mid-Term Evaluation of the UNFPA Supplies Programme (2013-2020)

Resource date: 2017


The inception phase was finalized in September 2017.  The Inception Report’s main components are (i) the evaluation approach and methodology, (ii) the evaluation questions and the matrix. The inception phase also included the pilot mission in Sierra Leone (first of four field-based country case studies).

The next steps in the evaluation process are: (1)  Data collection phase: through December 2017; (2)  Draft County Case Studies Report:Mid-February 2018; (3) Draft Final Report: Mid-March 2018 ; (4) Reference Group Meeting: April 2018 - Presentation of the preliminary results of the evaluation and workshop to develop jointly with the evaluation team a set of recommendations (derived directly from the evaluations conclusions) ; (5) Final MTE Report and Final Country Case Studies Report : June 2018


  • Inception Report (Vol. 1)


    Inception Report (Vol. 2 - Annexes)


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