Joint report on the evaluability assessment of the common chapter to the strategic plans of UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and UN Women

Resource date: 2020


To enhance coherence among UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and UN Women in support of results, a common chapter was embodied in the organizations’ strategic plans, 2018-2021. Through the common chapter, the agencies have defined programme areas that require multi-sectoral approaches and where their combined added value and collaborative operationalization modalities can achieve greater synergy and higher efficiency. The four organizations also committed to continue harmonizing their approaches to results reporting, capturing their contributions to collective outcomes and the Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2019, an evaluability assessment of the common chapter was undertaken, which aimed to provide clarity on the operationalization of the common chapter in the first years of implementation and assess the existence of basic parameters that would make an evaluation of the common chapter possible.


  • Background paper


    Presentation on the joint briefing to the Executive Boards


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