Humanitarian Programming

Resource date: 2015

UNFPA Fast Track Policies and Procedures  - August 2015

The UNFPA Fast Track Policies and Procedures are a set of procedures that offer UNFPA country offices in special situations greater delegation of authority and flexibility in specific programme and operational areas for a time-bound period. They represent a modification to the standard policies and procedures in the PPM and are designed to facilitate a rapid response to country demands.

Policies and Procedures for Humanitarian Response Funding - March 2018

The Policies and Procedures for Humanitarian Response funding guide the process for the UNFPA executive Board established Emergency Fund (EF) and Humanitarian Response reserve (HRR). They are two distinct mechanisms for UNFPA field offices to access resources specifically for humanitarian-related interventions.


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Administrative Resource
Other Programme Policies include Policy for Country Programme Regular Resource Allocation and Regular Resource Distribution, Standard Operating Procedures for Countries Wishing to Adopt the "DaO" Approach, Population and Reproductive Health Analysis, and Results-Based M


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