Annual report on the evaluation function 2018

Resource date: 2019

The 2018 Annual Report on the evaluation function provides a comprehensive overview of the performance of the evaluation function at centralized and decentralized levels, including key achievements and areas for growth and improvement. It also captures the contribution of UNFPA to the UN coherence in evaluation, including system-wide evaluations, and national evaluation capacity development. 

In 2018, the evaluation function at UNFPA took critical measures to support the implementation of the UN reform. For example, the number of joint and system-wide evaluations planned has significantly increased. Nearly 50% of evaluations planned in 2019 and 2020 are joint or system-wide. Given the enhanced focus on system-wide work, UNFPA Evaluation Office strengthened its engagement within the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) and Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation (IAHE). The Evaluation Office also advocated for the integration of evaluation within the UN Funding Compact and revised UNSDCF framework. 

In 2018, 100% of centralized evaluations scheduled in 2018-2019 have been completed or are on track to be completed. Within the continued efforts by the function to strengthen clarity and transparency in reporting, the Evaluation Office developed a set of nine key performance indicators against which the function is to be assessed. This is the second year the Evaluation Office is reporting against these indicators. Out of nine key performance indicators, two have achieved their targets, four are on track, and three require improvement.

UNFPA Evaluation Office also contributed to national evaluation capacity development through active engagement in multi-stakeholder partnerships, including prioritizing the capacity development of youth in evaluation.

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