These policies outline the human resources Legal Framework at UNFPA.

This compilation of policies includes policies and procedures on consultants, service contracts and interns at UNFPA.

This compilation of policies includes information on employment of retirees and retention in service beyond the mandatory age of separation.

This compilation of policies includes a basic introduction to UNFPA's policy on personnel, glossary of terms and definitions, types of appointments and principles concerning personnel of UNFPA.

These policies outline the overall human Resources framework at UNFPA, including the Staff Regulations and Rules.

This section includes policies on Fixed Term and Continuing Appointments, Temporary Appointments, contracts review board, rotational posts, and separation from service.

Policies pertaining to Talent Management at the UNFPA, including Policies on Detail Assignment, Performance Appraisal Rebuttal, Learning and Career Management and Recognition and Rewards.

Policies pertaining to UNFPA Staff Well-Being.