Accelerating Change: 2008 Annual Report

UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme to Accelerate the Abandonment of FGM/C

No. of pages: 32

Publication Date: 2009

Author: UNFPA and UNICEF

Publisher: UNFPA

This is the first annual report of the Joint Programme, whose objective is to contribute to a 40 per cent reduction of the practice among girls aged 0-15 years, in key countries, with at least one country declared free of FGM/C by 2012. Although it aims to cover 17 countries where female genital cutting/mutilation is most prevalent, in 2008, the programme addressed the issue in eight countries key countries: Djibouti, Egypt,  Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya,Senegal and Sudan.

Significant progress was made during the first year in the following areas:

  • Consultation with countries
  • Appointment of Global Coordinator
  • Development of annual workplans
  • Launch of the Joint Programme
  • Government mechanisms established
  • Baseline studies undertaken
  • Community-led activities to abandon FGM/C
  • Creation of networks

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