Consultant roster FAQ

a. What is this roster for?
This is a roster for consultants who have been invited or would like to work on UNFPA consultancy assignments.

b. How is this different to eRecruit?
e-Recruit is used for hiring for staff posts or to advertise consultancy assignments.  Submissions can only be seen by recruitment officers.  The roster is for general information to staff on available consultants and can be seen by all staff.

c. I forgot my password.  What should I do?
Click on the button “Forgot Username or Password”

d. I forgot my User Name.  What should I do? 
Simply click on the button “Forgot Password”.  It has an option that allows you to ask for your forgotten User ID.

e. Instead of using this roster, can I send my CV by email?
No.  Roster information is managed by the consultant.  Your CV cannot be uploaded to the roster as an attachment.

f. I was given another URL that does not seem to work.  What was it?
That could be an old URL.  Please delete it from your browser.  The new one is

g. I’m having difficulty completing the form.  What should I do?
At first contact the person who invited you to our roster.  Alternatively if you were invited by the Regional Office you can contact that office.  Finally, you can contact the roster administrator at

h. After completing the form, what would happen next?
After completing the form, staff members can see your information, so inform the office who invited you or who want to hire you.  The roster is an information system, not a hiring system.  So a UNFPA unit still needs to carry out a selection process if they want to get a consultant.

i. If I am already a UNFPA consultant, should I create a roster account?
Yes, so that we will have a way of finding you for your next consultancy.

j. I have completed and submitted my roster profile.  How will I know that my profile has been received and added to the consultant roster?                                                                                                                                                                                                        Your profile is generated into the UNFPA Consultant Roster and is visible to staff once the application process is complete and has been submitted.  To be sure that your profile is in the roster, you may log-out then log back in using the username and passwork you created during the application process.  Once logged-in, your "my applications" will list UNFPA Consultant Roster as an application.

k.  Will I be assigned a consultant reference number?

Consultant references numbers are not longer required and will not be assigned.

 l. Can UNFPA personnel use this external access to the Roster?

Yes, from to time UNFPA personnel visit this external access to the Roster in order to get familiar with it and to guide their consultants in using it.  Personnel who are using the UNFPA might encounter an error message as they click on the "Apply Now" button.  The solution for that error is to simply delete all browsing history and cookies from the user's computer or use a different internet browser.

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