Sessions and Informals

UNFPA informal consultation on country programme documents

Wednesday, Agosto 21, 2019 -
10:00 to 13:00
UN Headquarters, Conference Room 5

Country programme documents under review

CPD Mexico [2020-2024] (DP/FPA/CPD/MEX/7)
Mexico CEP
Mexico CPPS
Mexico CPE
CPD Angola [2020-2022] (DP/FPA/CPD/AGO/8)
Angola CEP
Angola CPPS
Angola CPE
CPD Congo [2020-2024] (DP/FPA/CPD/COG/6)
Congo CEP
Congo CPPS
Congo CPE
CPD Liberia [2020-2024] (DP/FPA/CPD/LBR/5)
Liberia CEP
Liberia CPPS
Liberia CPE
CPD Sierra Leone [2020-2023] (DP/FPA/CPD/SLE/7)
Sierra Leone CEP
Sierra Leone CPPS
Sierra Leone CPE