Safe birth for Syrian refugees
31 Marzo 2015
  • Nearly 4 million Syrians are now living as refugees in nearby countries. UNFPA is supporting reproductive health care for refugees. Um Mohammad with her newborn son at a clinic in the sprawling Zaatari camp in Jordan. © UNFPA Jordan/ Ra’d Addayleh

  • “The delivery was so comfortable and went smoothly,” Um Mohammad said at the UNFPA-supported Jordan Health Aid Society clinic. © UNFPA Jordan/ Ra’d Addayleh

  • Um Laith also gave birth at the clinic. “This is my first baby – he’s a boy. I named him Laith.” © UNFPA Jordan/ Ra’d Addayleh

  • Both babies were born into the world’s largest displacement crisis. A pledging conference on started on 31 March in Kuwait to address the humanitarian response. © UNFPA Jordan/ Ra’d Addayleh