Young People's Sexual and Reproductive Health Challenge - Call for ideas

2 Octubre 2017 - 5 Noviembre 2017


UNFPA and OpenIDIO have launched a new crowd-sourcing challenge on Young People's Sexual and Reproductive Health. The question under investigation is: "How might we radically improve access to, and quality of, sexual and reproductive health education and services for young people?"
From 2 October to 5 November, UNFPA and OpenIDIO have issued a call for solutions, open to anyone, anywhere in the world. Use your expertise and insights to help solve this critical challenge! 
Learn more about this project hereAnd share your groundbreaking idea here!


A new brainpower partnership will develop and scale innovations to improve maternal health for 50 million women and girls in the countries where the challenges are greatest.
Prisca Gama, 22, and Given Mwira, 26, remember first trying the menstrual cup in November 2016.
Rwanda’s health system has seen great improvements in recent years, yet one area of health care remains underserved, particularly for young people: sexual and reproductive health.