27 October 2017
Mothers share their stories with a UNFPA staff at Ulakan Camp. © UNFPA Indonesia/Nun Sol Jang
ULAKAN CAMP, Indonesia – Escalating volcanic activity at Mount Agung in Bali prompted Indonesian authorities to issue an SOS alert, the highest-level warning, on 22 September. By 6 October, over 139,000 people had been... Read more
10 May 2017
A woman in Jakarta, Indonesia. A new survey reveals women in the country face high rates of violence. © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas
JAKARTA, Indonesia – Dita* never imagined that she would be a single mother at the age of 33. But after enduring 10 years of an abusive marriage, she found herself alone and struggling to raise two children. Her husband... Read more
3 February 2016
JAKARTA, Indonesia – “The day before I was discharged by the midwife, my daughter was circumcised. She is now three weeks old. When she becomes an adult, she will pray five times a day and read the Al Quran," says Rosa... Read more
9 July 2015
Refugees at a temporary shelter in Aceh, Indonesia. They are part of a group of migrants who spent months on a boat, adrift at sea. © UNFPA Indonesia/Sandra Siagian
KUALA CANGKOI, Indonesia – Montas spent the first months of her pregnancy at sea, crowded onto a boat with hundreds of other migrants. The passengers had set out to find a better life – perhaps in Malaysia or Australia... Read more
24 September 2014
Des habitants de Kiribati, un archipel de faible altitude menacé par la montée du niveau des mers. Crédits photo: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe
NATIONS UNIES, New York – La communauté internationale s’est engagée à agir de manière décisive pour s’attaquer aux changements climatiques lors du sommet historique des Nations Unies sur le climat, qui s’est tenu hier... Read more
10 August 2012
Almost 20 years ago, 179 Member States convening at the International Conference on Population and Development agreed to protect the rights of young people, particularly in the areas of sexual and reproductive health.... Read more
2 November 2010
JAKARTA, Indonesia — For five hours on a balmy and moonlit Saturday night a packed audience was mesmerized as shadows of filigreed wayang puppets engaged in conflict and resolution, all orchestrated to the sounds of a... Read more
25 January 2005
BANDA ACEH, Indonesia—Nearly four weeks after the tsunami, doctors and local social workers say there will be an increased demand for contraceptives among the displaced population, as couples seek to prevent pregnancies... Read more
24 June 2005
BANDA ACEH, Indonesia—The people of Aceh are eager to get their lives back. Half a million were left homeless and destitute by the earthquake and tsunami that levelled the north-west coastline of Sumatra six months ago... Read more
9 September 2005
OGAN KOMERING ILIR, South Sumatra, Indonesia—When Kawit’s third childbirth did not go smoothly, Yuniar, the midwife in Sukapulit village, realized the problem was obstructed labour and knew what to do. Yuniar took 150,... Read more