11 Ooctobre 2016
Sibongile Majaura's business has saved her education and helps support her family. © UNFPA Zimbabwe/Nikita Little
MAKONDE, Zimbabwe – Three years ago, Sibongile Majaura was on the cusp of dropping out of school, a misfortune all too familiar to girls in Zimbabwe.  But she has defied the odds. With just a little investment and a lot... Read more
29 Janvier 2015
People are evacuated by boats in southern Malawi. © UNDAC
JOHANNESBURG/NEW YORK – Widespread flooding has affected hundreds of thousands of people across Southern Africa. Torrential rainfall and the overflowing Zambezi River have destroyed crops, infrastructure and thousands... Read more
29 Décembre 2014
Nurse Langelisha Zamisa (left) and Elizabeth Moyana (right) hold Ms. Moyana's quadruplets at Chiredzi   General Hospital.© UNFPA Zimbabwe/Stewart Muchapera
CHIPINGE DISTRICT, Zimbabwe – It started out like any other delivery. When 24 -year-old Elizabeth Moyana went into labour in her village, Mabeya, near Zimbabwe’s border with Mozambique, she wanted only to give birth to... Read more
10 Novembre 2014
HARARE/NEW YORK – “When I was working, I would not give my wife any money. I would keep what I made in my own pocket,” said John Kaponda in Epworth, Zimbabwe. “I would come home drunk, kick all the pots, and beat my... Read more
9 Ooctobre 2014
HARARE, Zimbabwe – Fourteen-year-old Shamiso Nyamutamba has endured more than her share of tragedy. When she was three, her mother died. Two years later, her father also passed away. She went to live with an abusive... Read more
16 Mars 2011
Tweet HARARE, Zimbabwe —HIV prevalence in Zimbabwe has declined remarkably in recent years, dropping from 26 per cent to 14 per cent  between 1997 and 2009. In a recent edition of the journal PLoS Medicine,... Read more
1 Juillet 2010
New York — When AIDS first struck in the 1980s, it mainly affected men. Today, women account for about half of the 33 million people living with HIV worldwide, and 60 per cent of those infected in sub-Saharan Africa.... Read more
1 Décembre 2005
HARARE, Zimbabwe — The child Elizabeth holds in her thin arms is wizened and fretful. His minute hands, chubby and expressive in most children, are rash-covered claws that clutch spasmodically at a white blanket damp... Read more
23 Décembre 2008
HARARE, Zimbabwe— As the humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe deepens and its health systems collapse, UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, has intensified its efforts to aid pregnant women and their families by... Read more
26 Mai 2006
BUHERA, Zimbabwe — Bishop Xavier Chitanda does not fit the mold. Small in build and of medium height, he comes across as very unassuming. On this day in Buhera, Manicaland, he is not even clad in clerical vestments. It... Read more