29 Avril 2015
Asma with her friends at the women’s safe space. “I am happy in the sewing session,” she said. “My teacher is from the same place I came from. We speak the same language and share the same memories.” © UNFPA/Shayda Hesammi
ERBIL, Iraq – When 39-year-old Asma crossed the border from Syria into Iraq, all she could think about was the son she was leaving behind. “It was the worst day of my life – worse than all the shooting and attacks in... Read more
20 Février 2015
Syrian refugees remove snow from their shelters at an informal tented settlement in   the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, during a January blizzard. © UNHCR/A. McConnell
BEIRUT/DAMASCUS/ERBIL/ZAATARI – Fierce winter weather continues to batter displaced populations in the Middle East, crippling transportation and interrupting vital services. “A bullet to the chest without armor, that’s... Read more
11 Décembre 2014
ERBIL, Iraq – Dr. Suhair Abdul Alghffar, an obstetrician working in Iraq, thoroughly understands the risks and rigors of pregnancy. She also understands the misery of her patients, having essentially walked in their... Read more
28 Ooctobre 2014
DUHOK, Iraq – In crisis situations, the needs for shelter, food and security are rightly given urgent attention. Yet the specific needs of women and girls are too often overlooked. Some 1.8 million people are... Read more
2 Ooctobre 2014
Safe delivery services come to Domiz refugee camp, Iraq
DUHOK, Iraq – "The clinic is always crowded," said Lava Abdul Rahman, a gynaecologist at the UNFPA maternity clinic in Domiz, a refugee camp in northern Iraq. Each day, between 30 and 35 pregnant women come to the... Read more
19 Août 2014
  UNITED NATIONS, New York – UN officials have declared the humanitarian crisis in Iraq a “Level 3 Emergency,” the highest-level emergency designation. Over a million people have been displaced by violence, and many... Read more
26 Août 2014
AMMAN/NEW YORK - Over 200,000 Syrian refugees are living in Iraq, having escaped the four-year-long conflict in their homeland. Yet for some, the move offers little respite from crisis: A UNFPA assessment has shown that... Read more
8 Août 2014
UNITED NATIONS, New York – As the security situation in northern Iraq deteriorates, the humanitarian needs of women and youth are multiplying. Some 1.2 million people are believed to be internally displaced by the... Read more
30 Juin 2014
UNITED NATIONS, New York – Approximately one million people have been displaced by the mounting crisis in northern and western Iraq. The deteriorating security has left some 250,000 women and girls – including nearly 60... Read more