Documents du Conseil

Decisions adopted by the Executive Board at the first regular session 2021 (DP/2021/13)
Tentative workplan annual session 2021
Update on UNFPA response to the COVID-19 pandemic
Armenia CP extension [2021] (DP/FPA/2021/2.Add.1)
Armenia Corrigendum
Update on the implementation of General Assembly resolution 72/279 on the repositioning of the United Nations development system
China CPD [2021-2025] (DP/FPA/CPD/CHI/9)
Costed evaluation plan (CEP)
Country programme performance summary (CPPS)
Comments and responses from Member States
Draft China CPD
Guatemala CP extension [2021] (DP/FPA/2021/2)
Bangladesh CP extension [2021] (DP/FPA/2021/2)
Guinea-Bissau CP extension [2021] (DP/FPA/2021/2)