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I was not sure how to react

One day, I was travelling home from school with my younger brother by bus in my school uniform. A man was sitting behind me, and he tapped me. When he tapped me, I turned around and looked at him. As soon as I looked at him, he exposed a private part of his body to me inappropriately.

To be honest, I was very small and I cried a lot, so I walked towards the front of the bus. An uncle saw that I was crying and asked me why. When I told him what happened, he asked another passenger who was getting off at the same place to take me home safely. Then that person dropped my brother and me home.

At that time, I got really scared. Since I was so small, I was not sure how to react. I am sharing my experience now, because then hopefully other girls can be vigilant and aware when travelling in public transport.

Sri Lanka is a country where many people use public transport. I hope that other people can understand how they must use public transport when they hear my experience, and I hope the relevant authorities will take necessary action to address this issue when they hear my story.

Photos © Eliza Hatch/Cheer Up Luv for UNFPA and Videos © Studio Zoo