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Your donation can help UNFPA deliver a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential is fulfilled.

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Give to emergency response

Donate today to support UNFPA’s humanitarian work around the world.

In times of crisis, UNFPA meets the urgent needs of women and young people. Help enable a rapid response to disasters.

$25 provides a woman with hygiene essentials for six months, enabling her to maintain her dignity.

$90 buys clean birthing kits for up to 40 pregnant women who cannot get to a hospital.

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Help end fistula

You can deliver hope and health to women with this heartbreaking injury of childbearing. And prevent it from occurring in the first place.

$10 feeds a recovering fistula patient for two weeks.

$60 pays for a Caesarean section to prevent the problem.

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Supply a community

Reproductive health supplies save lives. But only if we make sure they get to the people who need them.

$55 provides treatment to help prevent an HIV-positive mother from passing the virus to her newborn.

$100 can enable 20 women to space their children using injectable contraceptives.


Keep mothers alive

No woman should die giving life. But more than 800 die every day unnecessarily from complications of pregnancy or childbirth.

$50 can provide antenatal care for 10 women.

$100 can provide supplies, medications and equipment so a rural health clinic can handle many obstetric emergencies.

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Encourage abandonment of female genital mutilation

Many communities are rethinking their support for this harmful practice. Help accelerate change.

$20 supplies educational materials to support village discussion.

$100 pays the salary of a trained facilitator to lead a discussion.

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