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He was pretending to sleep

I was on the train three years ago when I was travelling to Colombo from Anuradhapura Station. A friend was with me, and both of us had fallen asleep, as we were tired from work.

A person sat behind me, and he was pretending that he was sleeping and kept putting his hand on my leg. I told him to take his hand off several times, but he kept on doing it for some time.

I then got off the train at my station, and my friend phoned me. She said that after I had left, the man had showed her pornographic pictures when they arrived at Maradana Station.

She was scared to tell anyone. We were very afraid to travel on the train alone – and together, after that incident. I feel sad when I remember that incident, even today.

Photos © Eliza Hatch/Cheer Up Luv for UNFPA and Videos © Studio Zoo

Conclusion Paragraph

UNFPA, the lead UN agency responding to gender-based violence in emergencies, is working with the Government of Sri Lanka to tackle sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based violence, wherever they occur. UNFPA advocates for women and girls at the highest level and engages them in efforts to find lasting solutions. Yet more can be done to protect women and girls and hold their perpetrators to account. You can help. 

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