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It really impacted me

Since the time I started commuting back and forth to Kandy, where I live, I have had many bad experiences with public transport – especially in buses and trains. But the most significant one that impacted me most was this incident with a tuk-tuk driver.

I was going to my friend’s place in an unfamiliar area. The bus didn’t quite go up to her house, so I got off and walked the remaining five hundred metres or so. While I was walking, a tuk-tuk stopped in front of me and the driver leaned out to ask directions to some place I had never heard of.

I politely told him that I didn’t know, and that I wasn’t familiar with this area. He then proceeded to very vulgarly say my boobs were big and I’d be nice for a good [expletive]. I walked off, because I was disgusted. I didn’t want to stay there anyway. It really impacted me, because I don’t usually get people stopping me and saying those things to me.

It was really a wake-up call that we really shouldn’t stay silent about this, because we can’t just shut up and expect it to stop. To this day, my friend doesn’t know about what happened to me just on top of her road.

Photos © Eliza Hatch/Cheer Up Luv for UNFPA and Videos © Studio Zoo