Linking Population, Poverty and Development

Analyzing the relationship between population and climate change

Population issues are critical to understanding climate change and its consequences. But in global conversations and modeling exercises, the impact of population on greenhouse gas emission (the aspect of climate change related to human activities) has often been discussed simplistically. Recent research and analysis shows that the relationship is complex, and is deepening the understanding of population dynamics and climate change.

UNFPA is committed to a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to the population-climate change nexus and is examining the links between population size and other factors related to mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.

UNFPA has created this site as a central repository for recent research and advocacy materials that will deepen the discussion of population dynamics in both climate change and sustainable development. t is based on papers presented at an experts meeting in June 2009 and compiled in this publication, produced jointly with IIED.

Close consideration of differentiated population dynamics and gender inequalities can broaden policy options, generate better emissions scenarios and improve identification and targeting of vulnerable populations. This, in turn, can lead to more effective strategies for mitigating climate change and helping vulnerable populations adapt. More..