As a steward of donor funds, UNFPA has been entrusted by its stakeholders to deliver on certain agreed outcomes and results. The more that stakeholders — including donors, Member States, partners and ordinary citizens — can see and understand how development funds are used, the greater the chance that these limited resources will be used effectively.

As UNFPA continues to adapt to changing environments and expectations, so too the transparency of the organization is evolving. Rather than something that is 'achieved', transparency is an organizational practice that requires continuous improvement over time. UNFPA is committed to continuously improving the ways it shares information within its community and beyond.

Implementing the International Aid Transparency Initiative

In line with UNFPA's planned implementation schedule, in June 2013, UNFPA joined the over 130 organizations who publish to the open data registry of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). As a publisher to registry, we join a voluntary, international, multi-stakeholder initiative to improve transparency and make information about aid spending easier to find, compare and use by our stakeholders.

Launching a UNFPA data hub

In 2013, UNFPA also launched, a new online hub that presents project and expenditure information in a more interactive and accessible manner.  This site will continue to develop in the coming months to include maps and infographics to provide easily-comprehensible information about operations, for the benefit of our partners, the public and the development community at large.

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We are working to improve the quality of our data but publishing in this way is a process that takes time and resources. Please help us by reporting any missing or incomplete information.