Thematic evaluations

17 November 2014
Action to achieve commitments in UNGA Resolution 67/146 Intensifying global efforts for the elimination of FGMs
17 November 2014
Rome, Italy • 22-25 October 2013


Country Programme evaluations

23 October 2014
The overall purpose of the independent evaluation of the UNFPA 5th Country Programme of Assistance with the Government of Turkey is to produce an independent and useful evaluation report, to inform decision-making of...
28 October 2013
The overall purpose of the independent evaluation of the UNFPA 3rd country programme of assistance to the Government of Lebanon is to produce an independent and useful evaluation report, with a view to contributing to...



Evaluation at UNFPA serves three main purposes that support the organization’s drive to achieve results: (i) evaluation is a means to demonstrate accountability to stakeholders on performance in achieving development results, and on invested resources; (ii) evaluation supports evidence-based decision-making by providing credible information to support decision-making by management, and informs improvements in planning, budgeting, implementation and reporting, as well as policies and programmes; (iii) evaluation contributes important lessons learned to the existing knowledge base on how to accelerate implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development, in particular, on how best to advance sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights, and on how UNFPA can best support the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

Evaluation Database

The purpose of the UNFPA Evaluation Database is to make publicly available all evaluation reports conducted by UNFPA. The database is regularly updated with reports from country offices, regional offices or headquarter services. Reports are searchable by thematic keyword, by UNFPA mandate area and by country.

The UNFPA Evaluation Database is managed by the Evaluation Office.

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Executive Board reports

5 June 2014
UNFPA management welcomes the new Director of the Evaluation Office and notes with appreciation the annual report on evaluation (DP/FPA/2014/7).


Evaluation resources

25 November 2014
Handbook on how to design and conduct a Country Programme Evaluation
17 February 2012
This report presents the results of the evaluation quality assessment (EQA) completed by the Evaluation Branch in 2012, and covering evaluations conducted in 2010 and 2011. Following a request from the Executive...