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Jannah* refuses to marry off her 14-year-old daughter, despite pressure from relatives. “I will die before I give my daughter away,” she said. © UNFPA/David Brunetti
24 August 2015 Syrian refugee parents take a stand against child marriage
Child marriages appear to be rising among Syrian refugees as families grow increasingly desperate under the grinding four-year-old conflict. But many brave parents are refusing to marry their daughters off, no matter...
Too many refugees lack access to adequate health care. Isra'a lost her newborn son when she could not pay for neonatal care. © UNFPA/David Brunetti
25 June 2015 Shortage in funding threatens care for pregnant Syrian refugees
More than four years after conflict erupted in Syria, the chaos has resulted in one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. Yet shortfalls in funding threaten to deprive refugees of critical assistance.



Syria is experiencing the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world today. As of March 2015, more than half of all Syrians have been forced to flee their homes, with 7.6 million people displaced within Syria and 3.9 million people living as refugees in neighbouring countries. As with all humanitarian emergencies, women and girls are among the most vulnerable. Nearly half a million Syrian women, including refugees and those still in Syria, are pregnant and in need of maternal care.

UNFPA, with its partners, is deploying dignity kits, reproductive health kits and equipment, and medical personnel to assist affected communities. UNFPA is also supporting emergency obstetric care and psychosocial support.

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Situation reports and resources

Regional Situation Report for Syria Crisis #35 - 1-31 July 2015
Violence has escalated in several parts of Syria. Of the 4.6 million people living in hard-to-reach areas, 422,000 remained besieged. This included 26,500 people besieged by non-state armed groups in Nebula and Zahra,...
Regional Situation Report for Syria Crisis #34 - 1-30 June 2015
Millions of Syrians have been forcibly displaced internally or into the surrounding region as a result of persecution and conflict, as well as human rights violations. The Syrian conflict is taking on dramatic...