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5 February 2016 Flight from Syria: The story of one child bride
In late 2013, Haneen, now 14, fled Syria with her parents and 10 siblings. As her family made its way to the Turkish border, her father sustained injuries that left him paralyzed. Fearing he could no longer feed his 11...
Dignity kits are distributed to refugees and migrants passing through Presevo, Serbia. Women and girls face increased risks of violence and barriers to reproductive health care. © UNFPA
22 December 2015 Health needs paramount as refugees and migrants stream through Serbia
Every day, thousands of refugees and migrants stream through Serbia, one leg of their perilous journey towards safety and stability. So far this year, over a million migrants and refugees have entered Europe,...



Syria is experiencing the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world today. As of September 2015, more than half of all Syrians have been forced to flee their homes, with 7.6 million people displaced within Syria and over 4 million people living as refugees in neighbouring countries. As with all humanitarian emergencies, women and girls are among the most vulnerable. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian women, including refugees and those still in Syria, are pregnant and in need of maternal care.

UNFPA, with its partners, is deploying dignity kits, reproductive health kits and equipment, and medical personnel to assist affected communities. UNFPA is also supporting emergency obstetric care and psychosocial support, and is conducting outreach programmes for youth.

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Situation reports and resources

Protection Risks for Women and Girls in the European Refugee and Migrant Crisis
For the first time since World War II, Europe is experiencing a massive movement of refugees and migrants, women, girls, men and boys of all ages, fleeing armed conflicts, mass killings, persecution and pervasive sexual...
Joint Report on Protection of Refugees in Europe
Today the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) expressed concern about the grave risks to refugee and migrant women and girls on the move in Europe. UNHCR,...