Strengthening Country Office Capacity to Support Sexual and Reproductive Health in the New Aid Environment

Report of a technical consultation meeting: wrap-up assessment of the 2008–2011 UNFPA–WHO collaborative project

No. of pages: 22

Publication date: 2011

Author: UNFPA

This report takes stock of the progress of sexual and reproductive health initiatives of the UNFPA and World Health Organization in four countries in 2011: Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malawi, Senegal and Tajikistan. The studies also focus on how the role of the country offices of the two agencies has changed in the context of sexual and reproductive health.

Some key findings are that advisers may need to ‘deconstruct’ their agendas, the aid dynamic is increasingly complex, more emphasis is on reaching the Millennium Development Goals -- sometimes to the detriment of related sexual and reproductive work, secure funding and support for programming remains a problem and multiparty approaches are still underdeveloped.