Children and AIDS

Fifth Stocktaking Report 2010

No. of pages: 52

Publication date: 2010

Author: UNAIDS

ISBN: 978-92-806-4552-1

Issued in conjunction with  World AIDS Day 2010, this report states that achieving an AIDS-free generation is possible if the international community steps up efforts to provide universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, and social protection. Attaining this goal, adds the report, depends on reaching the most marginalized members of society.

The report points out that children in general have benefited enormously from the substantial progress made in the AIDS responses. However, there are millions of women and children who have fallen through the cracks due to inequities rooted in gender, economic status, geographical location, education level and social status. Lifting these barriers is crucial to universal access to knowledge, care, protection, and the prevention of mother-to-child transmission for all women and children.

2010 Stocktaking Report: