UNFPA enters into strategic partnership with the Global Fund

11 May 2016

UNFPA enters into strategic partnership with the Global Fund

New Agreement to Improve Access to Condoms


Copenhagen, May 11, 2016 - UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund and the Global Fund have entered into a strategic partnership to improve access to quality-assured condoms.

UNFPA will support the Global Fund mission of ending the HIV epidemic, by providing its implementing partners with quality-assured condoms at competitive prices, and with swift delivery. Access to quality-assured health products and medicines is critical to the Global Fund mission.

The Global Fund aims to make the best use of each dollar by working with partners to combine procurement volumes thereby driving lower prices and achieving faster delivery times.

The Global Fund and UNFPA are committed to ending HIV as a public health threat, and recognize that greater focus is needed on HIV prevention, particularly among young people and in family planning for women living with HIV.  As the lead United Nations agency for sexual and reproductive health, UNFPA has access to the largest source of WHO-qualified male condom manufacturers. “Every condom we procure is 100% electronically tested and every batch we ship must pass pre-shipment testing” said Eric Dupont, Chief, Procurement Services Branch UNFPA.  “At UNFPA, quality and safety are our top priorities. There is no compromise on quality.”

This partnership will further enhance market shaping efforts thereby increasing value for money.  By working together to ensure the quality of contraceptives, we can better provide access to safe and reliable disease prevention tools, helping to save the lives of millions.


For more information or media inquiries please contact:

Vivian Cintron, procurement@unfpa.org