New evaluation frameworks to accelerate the delivery of UNFPA strategic plan, 2022-2025

04 Feb 2022

The Evaluation Office has released three evaluation frameworks to accelerate the implementation of the UNFPA strategic plan, 2022-2025. This includes the quadrennial budgeted evaluation plan, the evaluation strategy and the strategy to enhance evaluation use through communications and knowledge management.

The quadrennial budgeted evaluation plan, 2022-2025, guides the commissioning, management and use of evaluations at UNFPA. It identifies 87 evaluations at centralized and decentralized levels that will address critical knowledge gaps in the organization. The plan was developed via a transparent process, including consultations with all stakeholders. The plan will continue to be flexible and adaptive based on changing contexts.

The plan was adopted by the UNFPA Executive Board in its First Regular Session 2022. At the Executive Board, 22 Member States (Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, Türkiye and Ukraine) delivered a joint statement commending the plan’s alignment with the UNFPA strategic plan. The statement emphasized the importance of the planned evaluations for the implementation and review of the strategic plan and to improve United Nations system-wide performance.  The Member States also commended the commitment of the Evaluation Office to support the United Nations reform agenda and system-wide and joint evaluations at all levels. 

Further, in line with the strategic directions at UNFPA, the evaluation strategy, 2022-2025, sets a common vision to build an organizational culture on seeking and utilizing evaluations for accountability, adaptation and results. It articulates key priorities, approaches and actions, to make the evaluation function at UNFPA more responsive and purposeful. 

In addition, the strategy to enhance evaluation use through communications and knowledge management, 2022-2025, supports the vision articulated in the evaluation strategy, by enhancing strategic communication of evaluation knowledge. It focuses on providing targeted evaluative evidence to targeted decision-makers, in real-time/targeted time for decision-making. It also reinforces the focus on evaluation advocacy and multi-stakeholder and intergenerational partnerships on influential evaluation.

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