Luxembourg boosts UNFPA's work on behalf of vulnerable women and youth

19 May 2017
A contribution from Luxembourg will support a maternal health programme in Mongolia as well as a variety of other programmes and services. © UNFPA Mongolia/Tim Jenkins

UNFPA’s work on behalf of vulnerable women and adolescents received a boost recently when the Luxembourg Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, Mr. Romain Schneider, confirmed a donation totaling €3,686,600. About €0.4 million will go to UNFPA Supplies, a mechanism that provides contraceptives and other reproductive health commodities in high-need countries. Some €1,686,600 will go to a maternal health project in Mongolia. And €1.6 million will be given to core funds, which enable flexibility in programming.

The people of Luxembourg have been consistent in their support to UNFPA. Past contributions have enabled UNFPA and partners to roll out maternal health activities, continue the campaigns to end fistula and female genital mutilation, and engage in other vital programming. The flexible nature of the funds from Luxembourg allows UNFPA’s work to adapt as contexts change and women’s and girls’ needs evolve.

This funding commitment comes as part of the discussions that took place at the She Decides conference, which took place in Brussels on 2 March 2017. The conference brought together global partners and stakeholders to help raise funds that would enable women in less developed countries to access their right to family planning services.

Per capita, Luxembourg remains UNFPA’s largest donor. UNFPA thanks the people of Luxembourg for this contribution and their steady support of UNFPA’s mission.