Country offices around the world host Innovation Days

26 February 2015

In order to promote a culture of innovation at UNFPA, we invite teams around the world to host “Innovation Days,” where colleagues can come together in a different venue, using methodologies drawn from design thinking and creative problem solving, to brainstorm opportunities and challenges that could benefit from innovation. To date, more than 10 offices have hosted Innovation Days, developing creative solutions to challenges at hand.

Watch a video from the Republic of Moldova’s Innovation Day, designing solutions to three youth health challenges: unsafe sex, alcohol and tobacco use, and adolescent pregnancy.

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Although there has been important progress in maternal health over the last decades, approximately 810 women still die every day from preventable causes related to pregnancy or childbirth. Complications from pregnancy and childbirth are the leading causes of death for...

A new partnership advances UNFPA’s work to support young innovators create new ways to deliver youth-friendly information on sexual and reproductive health and rights.
The innovation team from UNFPA's North Macedonia office works on developing their 'Digital Storytellers' project at the Innovation Bootcamp in Munich. © UNFPA EECARO

MUNICH, Germany — What if young people on the autism spectrum could access individually tailored sexuality-education information anytime they go online? That’s just one of the innovative approaches to ending unmet need for family planning being developed by UNFPA teams at a...