UNFPA presents: A league of extraordinary women
8 March 2019
  • Ifrah Ahmed's organization has reached over 100,000 people in the effort to end female genital mutilation. © Ifrah Foundation

  • Kabita Bhandari scales icy cliff sides and leaps over rushing rivers to deliver a life-saving commodity: contraceptives. © UNFPA Nepal

  • “We stopped a life being stolen,” says Nesime Salioska. © UNFPA MK/Tomislav Georgiev

  • Balkissa Tari has an urgent message. A survivor of child marriage and abuse, she campaigns to end gender-based violence. © UNFPA WCARO/Habibou Dia

  • Alejandra Teleguario became a mayor at age 13. © Malu Cabellos

  • The world must do better to end sexual violence, Dr. Nadhira Abdulcarim says. © UNFPA Philippines/Mario Villamor

  • “I am a different woman now," says Bushra, a security guard in Yemen. © UNFPA Yemen

  • As bullets and mortars ripped through the city, Aber Evaline delivered babies. © UNFPA South Sudan/Lauren Anders Brown

  • Farzana Akbari pushed through a ban on health facilities performing virginity tests. © UNFPA Afghanistan/Ali Mohaqqeq