Ukraine: Conflict compounds the vulnerabilities of women and girls as humanitarian needs spiral 

Humanitarian needs continue to rise in Ukraine and the region as the war enters its fourth month. An estimated 12 million people have been forced to flee their homes; the majority are women and children.

The conflict has taken a massive toll on every single person, but in particular women and girls as reports of sexual and physical violence, exploitation and abuse continue to increase.  

Damage and destruction to medical facilities as well as a shortage of service providers and critical supplies have also severely compromised the delivery of essential health services including access to maternal care for the estimated 265,000 women who were pregnant when conflict erupted, and specialized services for gender-based violence survivors.

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For decades, UNFPA has worked with authorities and partners in Ukraine to expand access to reproductive health and protection services for the hardest-to-reach people through mobile health clinics and specialized spaces and services for women and girls at risk of or being subjected to violence.

UNFPA remains on the ground and is scaling up the delivery of life-saving sexual and reproductive health services and medical equipment and supplies. Mobile health teams have been deployed to war-torn cities across Ukraine, providing reproductive health services and psychosocial support to women and girls in need. UNFPA-supported hotlines, shelters and crisis rooms continue to operate.  

We are also working with neighbouring countries to respond to the immediate sexual and reproductive health needs of refugees including women and girls and vulnerable groups such as older persons.

Our priority remains to safeguard the health, dignity and rights of women and girls, including to give birth safely and to live free from violence and abuse.

Updated 28 June 2022

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In war, it is always the most vulnerable who suffer the most - amongst them pregnant women and newborns. Our teams are on the ground in Ukraine and in bordering countries supporting those fleeing the danger. Show your support for the women and girls of Ukraine. 

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