Ukraine: Conflict compounds the vulnerabilities of women and girls

The ongoing war in Ukraine continues to take a toll on the well-being of millions of women, girls and young people.

Access to livelihood opportunities and basic services, including life-saving sexual and reproductive health care and information, has been severely disrupted. Gender-based violence is also pervasive, but cases continue to be under-reported.

As winter approaches and humanitarian needs grow, UNFPA is working with its partners to scale-up the delivery of essential services for women and girls. Mobile clinics and psychosocial support teams are providing reproductive health services and psychosocial support in hard-to-reach areas of the country. Safe spaces and online services to support survivors of gender-based violence are being expanded. Life-saving reproductive health, medical  and hygiene supplies are also being distributed to health facilities across the country.

UNFPA is also present in neighbouring countries, responding to the protection and health needs of refugees, including women and girls, and supporting vulnerable refugees to get through the approaching cold season.

UNFPA urgently needs flexible financing to scale up its operations in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Most urgently UNFPA needs financing to provide essential medical supplies and deploy further trained personnel to deliver life-saving services. The combined funding needed is $75.6 million; $57.75 million for Ukraine and $15.7 million for Moldova, and $2.2 million for other neighbouring countries until the end of December 2022.

Updated 14 November 2022

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Ukraine Emergency

In war, it is always the most vulnerable who suffer the most - amongst them pregnant women and newborns. Our teams are on the ground in Ukraine and in bordering countries supporting those fleeing the danger. Show your support for the women and girls of Ukraine. 

Ukraine Emergency