UNFPA Global Emergency Surge Roster Information Brochure

Publication Date: September 2018
Author: UNFPA


Surge is the rapid scale up of humanitarian professionals and resources in emergency settings. Over the last few years, UNFPA has become very active in surging qualified personnel due to growing humanitarian needs. These needs are met by using UNFPA’s Global Emergency Roster which is a staffing modality that provides technical experts to surge. 

Each year UNFPA launches an official call to surge which is released on the UNFPA website and relevant social media outlets. Shortlisted candidates are invited to attend a five day surge assessment workshop.

The surge workshop includes a learning component with a strong focus on preventing and responding to Gender Based Violence in emergencies, as well as providing sexual and reproductive health services; and an assessment and simulation component where candidates will be assessed according to the profile for which he/she is being considered for surge assignment.

In preparation for the workshop, selected candidates will also be asked to complete up to 40 hours of pre-learning exercises that consist of relevant E-learning course(s), webinars and associated readings. Candidates who successfully complete the learning & assessment component and are technically cleared by the attending assessors during the in-person training will be added to the Global Emergency Roster and considered for surge deployment in an emergency setting.