Career Guide for UNFPA Staff Members

Publication Date: 2016


UNFPA created the Career Guide for UNFPA Staff Members to provide career guidance and advice for staff and managers at UNFPA—and beyond. The Guide provides information, tips, and resources to help you think about a wide range of career management and career development topics. The authors also incorporated the insights of a number of UNFPA colleagues, who were asked to share their career wisdom and best practice.

The core of the Guide is the holistic career model, developed by the Director of Human Resources Michael Emery, which encompasses a number of factors relevant to career success. Part One addresses broader, higher-level career issues. Part Two focuses on the "nuts and bolts" of the job search. Part Three, the appendices, allows one to dive deeper and/or provide more information on specific topics in addition to the links provided throughout.

The Guide addresses many of the unique aspects to careers in international organizations and the multilateral sector, including, most recently, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and provides staff and managers with skills, information, and tools. The Division for Human Resources hopes you find it a useful resource and wishes you the best of success in your career. 

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