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UNFPA Gender Equality Strategy

This Strategy focuses on empowering women and adolescent girls and reaffirms UNFPA’s commitments to supporting the realization of international…

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My Body, My Life, My World

My Body, My Life, My World is UNFPA's new global strategy for adolescents and youth. It puts young people—their talents, hopes,…

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Global Programme to Accelerate Action to End Child Marriage Annual Report 2018

This annual report, "Turning Commitments into Solid Actions," shows the main achievements made in 2018 by the Global Programme to Accelerate Action…

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Low fertility: A review of the determinants

Classic demographic transition theory assumed that fertility would decline from high levels and stabilize at the replacement level of around 2.1…

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UNFPA Supplies Annual Report 2018

UNFPA’s thematic fund, UNFPA Supplies, is the only United Nations programme dedicated to family planning, and it is the world’s largest…

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UNFPA Strategy for the 2020 Round of Population & Housing Censuses (2015-2024)

The census is among the most complex and massive peacetime exercises a nation undertakes. It requires mapping the entire country, mobilizing and…

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165 million reasons - A call for investment in adolescents and youth in Latin America and the Caribbean

Today’s adolescents and youth are members of the largest cohort of young people in history. In Latin America and the Caribbean, they will no…

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UNFPA Annual Report 2018

In 2018, we at UNFPA set in motion a strategic effort, based on quality data, to achieve three zeros by 2030: zero unmet need for contraception; zero…

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Policy responses to low fertility: How effective are they?

In the last three decades sub-replacement fertility has spread around the world. One half of the global population today lives in countries where the…

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