Promoting sexual and reproductive health for persons with disabilities

WHO/UNFPA guidance note

No. of pages: 34

Publication Date: 2009


Publisher: WHO/UNFPA

ISBN: 978-92-4-159868-2

An estimated 10 per cent of the world’s population live with a disability. These people have the same sexual and reproductive health  needs as other people. Yet they often face barriers to information and services.

This guidance note addresses issues of  programming in the area of sexual and reproductive health for persons with disabilities. It is intended for experts and advocates within UNFPA and WHO as well as those in other development organizations and partners. Those who address issues of family planning, maternal health, HIV and AIDS, adolescence, and gender-based violence may find this information particularly helpful.

This issue particularly deserves attention because these needs have been so widely and so deeply neglected. The approaches discussed here, however, apply broadly to all aspects of health programming for persons with disabilities. This note outlines a general approach to programming: it does not address specific protocols for the sexual and reproductive health care and treatment of persons with disabilities.