Cairo to 2015: The Road to Success

2006 Global Survey

No. of pages: 68

Publication Date: 2007

Author: UNFPA

Publisher: UNFPA

ISBN: 978-0-89714-85

Women's empowerment, HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health and rights are at the top of global parliamentarians list of priorities according to this report, which summarizes the findings of a global survey of parliamentarians undertaken in 2006. In total 322 parliamentarians took part, including respondents from the European Parliament as well as 85 developing and 18 donor countries. UNFPA collaborated with the Harvard School of Public Health and the four regional parliamentary groups on Population and Development to compile the survey. It documents the important progress parliamentarians have made since the ICPD, highlights the obstacles that must be conquered, and provides a clearer picture of the road ahead.

Parliamentarians identified the lack of political will of their governments and the disinterest of their own colleagues as being among the major challenges to ICPD implementation. In addition to these constraints, the report shows that a shortage of information and understanding of ICPD issues, as well as limited resources, were a significant constraints to the parliamentarian's work.

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