Conference on Outcomes of Joint EU/ACP/UNFPA/IPPF programme

Date of event: 14 October 2009 - 16 October 2009
Location: Brussels

Towards Poverty Eradication: Overview and Country Examples

Background: International workshop on poverty eradication and sexual and reproductive health and rights

In 2002, the European Commission, in agreement with the ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, committed 32 million Euros to strengthen its contribution in the field of sexual and reproductive health in 22 of the poorest ACP countriesi, which, despite national and international efforts, have experienced difficulties in bridging the gap between needs and resources.

These funds were provided to UNFPA and to IPPF, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, to support activities that would otherwise not have been possible.

The Sexual and Reproductive Health EC/ACP/UNFPA/IPPF Joint Programme started in early 2003 and ended in late 2008. UNFPA and IPPF played complementary roles in its implementation, based on their respective mandates and strengths.

At this meeting, the European Commission and the ACP Group of States are convening an international working meeting to share and discuss the results and lessons learned of this unique ACP/EC/UNFPA/IPPF partnership in the field of sexual and reproductive health. Representatives from the countries and organiaations involved in the programme, as well as other stakeholders from governments, the European Institutions and civil society, will address questions related to the need to provide sexual and reproductive health services to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. They will reflect on best practices and lessons learned, as well as on the changes in the aid environment in the past years.

The perspective will be forward looking: the participants’ visions and strategies for achieving the MDGs, with a particular view on the target of universal access to reproductive health, will be taken forward in a set of conclusions and recommendations at the end of the meeting.

iBurkina Faso, Ethiopia, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Jamaica, Niger, Rwanda, Surinam, Tanzania, Congo, Dominican Republic, Gambia, Haiti, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mauritania, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tuvalu, and Zambia.