News on Obstetric fistula

23 March 2011
KARACHI, Pakistan — At least 150,000 women in Pakistan suffer from obstetric fistula — damage to the bladder or large intestine caused by obstructed labour. Because of fistula, they leak urine and/or feces... Read more
18 November 2010
In the News
Asha Makocho steps out from the gloom of her small one-roomed apartment into the Tanzanian sunlight. She holds a turquoise and yellow shawl, its vivid colours contrasting against her otherwise dark clothing. For two... Read more
22 February 2010
DAR-ES-SALAAM, Tanzania — Yuko Arimori, an Olympic marathon medalist from Japan came to Tanzania to participate in the Ekiden Run for Peace in the heart of Ulyankulu Settlement for Burundian refugees. The event was... Read more
24 January 2010
Obstetric fistula, associated with incontinence and social isolation, is hardly glamorous. But two African beauty queens – Miss Ghana@50 and Miss Liberia 2009 – are using their glamour and recognition to raise awareness... Read more
16 August 2010
GABU, Guinea Bissau – One of the first people to greet Catarina Furtado here was an infant named in her honour. Baby Catarina was the first infant delivered by Caesarean section at the surgical unit that Ms. Furtado, a... Read more
11 September 2009
NAIROBI, Kenya — Though political instability, violence and chaos surround them, surgeons and backup teams dedicated to ending the misery of obstetric fistula continue their work in Somalia. The gratitude of their... Read more
19 October 2004
Khartoum, Sudan—The midday sun in this desert capital is merciless. Nevertheless, a handful of women endure the hundred-degree heat by sharing the sparse shade of a few trees in the courtyard of the Dr. Abbo Fistula... Read more
16 June 2009
The devastation of obstetric fistula affects some 2 million women across the developing world, with approximately 50,000 to 100,000 new cases occurring every year. UNFPA’s Campaign to End Fistula aims to eliminate this... Read more
25 February 2005
KATSINA, Nigeria—For Dr. Gloria Esegbona, participating in the “Fistula Fortnight” is like coming home. The 30-year-old obstetric gynaecologist was born in Britain to Nigerian parents and is one of four international... Read more
21 February 2005
KANO, Nigeria— Fatima was 14-years-old when she married. Soon after, she fell pregnant. “I was in labour for six days,” said Fatima, who eventually gave birth to a stillborn baby. “For six days I did not pass stool or... Read more