News on Human rights

25 May 2013
Midwives from around the world came to Kuala Lumpur in May 2013 for the Second Global Midwifery Symposium. No one knows more about the challenge, and joys, of saving mothers’ lives than these healthcare workers on the... Read more
4 March 2013
TBILISI, Georgia – Ia B. is a fit, elegant woman with bright hazelnut eyes, fashionable clothes and a vibrant personality that shines through her dazzling smile. She hasn’t always looked this poised and self-confident:... Read more
8 March 2013
Follow our social media coverage on Twitter & Facebook NEW YORK --- Throughout the first week of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, UNFPA highlighted numerous issues related to violence against women and... Read more
19 March 2013
KARAMEH CAMP, Syria --- Against a hill of olive trees, thousands of tents are clustered together in a patchwork of white and blue. But due to recent heavy rains, the whole area is swamped in mud. Some 4,500 internally... Read more
26 April 2013
UNITED NATIONS, New York — In an increasingly interconnected world, more individuals than ever before are leaving their homes to begin a new life somewhere else. Since 1990 the number of migrants has increased from 155... Read more
14 May 2013
Español Nearly 40 per cent of Guatemala's 14 million people belong to one of more than 20 indigenous Mayan groups. A disproportionate number live in poor and isolated rural areas with limited access to basic services... Read more
6 March 2013
NEW YORK -- On day two of the Commission for the Status of Women, the halls of United Nations headquarters were filled with government officials, and representatives of the UN, civil society, media and the private... Read more
14 March 2013
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One in two men said they had used physical or sexual violence against an intimate partner, one in four reported having raped a woman and one in 25 admitted to having participated in gang rape. These are among the... Read more
21 March 2013
NEW YORK  -- A new study by the Guttmacher Institute has confirmed that women’s ability to use contraceptives, and to determine whether and when to have children, enhances their education and employment chances. This,... Read more
8 May 2013
SUVA, Fiji — If alarming rates of violence against women are to be effectively addressed, the status of women needs to be elevated. UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin emphasized the fundamental, often... Read more