News on Gender-biased sex selection

12 August 2008
Some 700 thousand girls a year are estimated to be ‘missing’ in India as a result of illegal sex determination and consequent elimination. What is behind this drive to have boy children – which is expected to have... Read more
11 May 2010
NEW DELHI, India — The last (2001) census in India flagged a disturbing trend. According to the census, only 927 girls were born for every 1000 boys. Because the natural ratio favours more female than male births,... Read more
5 April 2010
JAIPUR, India — A voter education campaign before village council elections in January and February has significantly increased the visibility of women’s health and rights issues in Rajasthan state. The campaign... Read more
8 July 2010
YEN HA VILLAGE, Viet Nam — May 19 was a special day for Thuy and her husband Nghe. Their son was one month old and, as dictated by Vietnamese tradition, they invited their relatives for a party. It was a big reunion,... Read more