News on Family planning

14 October 2006
MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan — When the earthquake struck on 8 October 2005, Larmirjan’s house collapsed. She was badly injured, and her 18-year-old son was killed. Throughout northern Pakistan, 73,000 died and 3.5 million... Read more
26 April 2006
HANOI, Viet Nam — Hoai Anh is adamant about making the right choices in life, particularly when it comes to relationships and the right to have reproductive health information and services tailored to the special needs... Read more
25 May 2006
N’DJAMENA, Chad — About 30 young women gaze with rapt attention as another recounts the story of a rural girl cast out of her family’s home after becoming pregnant. Colourful picture cards help illustrate the dramatic... Read more
28 November 2007
NEW YORK/MOSCOW — Tatiana remembers her wedding day as the happiest day of her life. Her groom Vladimir was handsome, courtly and, unlike so many of the men she had dated, courteous and faithful. When he lifted her chin... Read more
26 January 2006
OTAVALO, Ecuador — Indigenous communities in Ecuador, as elsewhere in Latin America, tend to be impoverished and marginalized. Though Quechua-speaking natives represent 12 per cent of Ecuador’s 13.2 million people, all... Read more
15 April 2010
UNITED NATIONS — As the Commission on Population and Development addressed the overall theme of health, mortality, morbidity and development, a side panel organized by UNFPA looked at the contribution of reproductive... Read more