7 May 2010
This year, the month of June will be a time of celebration in Egypt. Parties will be thrown for young girls who have reached the age of 13 with their sexual organs uncut, having escaped the age-old practice of female... Read more
9 March 2010
PORT-AU-PRINCE — “There was sadness, but also songs of joy and a strong commitment to rebuild Haiti,” said Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, Executive Director of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, after attending an... Read more
22 April 2010
MADOGO (near Garissa), North East Province, Kenya — In the scorching heat of the midday sun, shaded by the horizontal branches of a dende tree, village elders and women leaders from five communities listened intently as... Read more
29 March 2010
HANOI, Viet Nam — As the first national radio soap opera that focused on changing the behaviour of young people in Viet Nam drew to a close, producers shared some of the 2,000 letters sent in by listeners, who testified... Read more
15 February 2010
PYONGYANG, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea — More than 35,000 North Koreans fanned out all over their country during the first half of October 2008 to knock on every door and interview an adult from every... Read more
15 April 2010
UNITED NATIONS — As the Commission on Population and Development addressed the overall theme of health, mortality, morbidity and development, a side panel organized by UNFPA looked at the contribution of reproductive... Read more
10 July 2010
OSH and JALAL-ABAD, Kyrgyzstan — To the left and to the right, you see houses completely burned to the ground, 26 in all, without roof or walls – each a hollow, empty shell that once was a home. Multiply this by three... Read more
22 July 2010
VIENNA, Austria — When Omar, an 18 year-old Moroccan college student, fell in love with his classmate Salma, he felt nervous about broaching the use of condoms with her. It was his first time having sexual relations and... Read more
8 July 2010
YEN HA VILLAGE, Viet Nam — May 19 was a special day for Thuy and her husband Nghe. Their son was one month old and, as dictated by Vietnamese tradition, they invited their relatives for a party. It was a big reunion,... Read more
30 June 2010
In the News
UNITED NATIONS — The role of culture in promoting the empowerment of women and upholding human rights was hotly debated today by senior United Nations officials, activists and academics as the UN Economic and Social... Read more