13 April 2020
Front-line health workers are particularly at risk of being exposed to the virus. © UNFPA Viet Nam
HA NOI, Viet Nam – Health experts in Viet Nam are calling for efforts to ensure continuous access to maternal health care amid the growing COVID-19 pandemic. More than 260 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the... Read more
19 April 2019
Census data is essential for creating policies and making investments that meet the needs of all people.  © UN Vietnam/Aidan Dockery
HA NOI, VIET NAM – At the start of April, more than 122,000 people fanned out across Viet Nam, pursuing information about every single person in the country. They are enumerators for the country’s housing and population... Read more
28 January 2015
Young activists perform in a flash mob at a rock concert in Viet Nam, part of a series of flash mobs   taking place around the country to raise awareness of sexual and reproductive health issues. © UNFPA   Viet Nam
HA NOI, Viet Nam – Nearly 3,000 students from 30 universities took part in flash mobs across Viet Nam to raise awareness of sexual and reproductive health issues. The activists converged on the grounds of a popular... Read more
20 April 2012
With the age of marriage rising in Viet Nam, and sexual activity outside marriage increasing in urban areas, young women find themselves at risk of forced sex, unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, and sexually... Read more
16 January 2012
  The sex-ratio imbalance that has plagued certain Asian countries has been increasing in the last few years with one exception, the Republic of Korea, while a few  European countries, including Albania, Armenia and... Read more
5 October 2011
HANOI—Joint international and national actions to end prenatal sex selection and discrimination against women should remain a priority for all, Nobuko Horibe, the Director of UNFPA’s Asia and Pacific Regional Office,... Read more
29 November 2010
HANOI, Viet Nam – One in three, or 34 per cent, of ever-married Vietnamese women report that they have suffered physical or sexual violence from their husbands at some time in their lives, according to the National... Read more
19 April 2010
Strengthening business practices, removing bottlenecks and promoting further harmonization of operations were the focus of UNFPA Deputy Executive Director Mari Simonen’s mission to Hanoi, Viet Nam. The visit was part of... Read more
18 January 2011
An estimated 9.3 per cent of all female sex workers in Viet Nam will be living with HIV in 2012. Although sex work is illegal in the country and labelled as a ‘social evil’, there are about 31,000 sex workers operating... Read more
20 September 2010
Five to seven women still die almost every day due to pregnancy or childbirth in Viet Nam. Although the maternal mortality ratio has declined significantly over the past few years, there are still big differences... Read more