16 April 2014
JUBA, South Sudan – Armed with a broad smile, Jennifer Ikokole ushers expectant mothers into a makeshift tent at the sprawling Tomping civilian protection camp in South Sudan’s capital, Juba. As the current crisis takes... Read more
21 October 2013
JUBA, South Sudan – The Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery recently graduated its first class of nurses and midwives. The inaugural group of 17 midwives and 13 nurses is the first to earn diplomas that meet the... Read more
25 July 2012
In the News
JUBA -- South Sudan has the worst reported maternal mortality rate in the world. "More women die in child birth, per capita, in South Sudan, than in any country in the world," says Caroline Delany, a health specialist... Read more
9 July 2012
JUBA, Republic of South Sudan -- One year ago, the streets of this dusty town erupted in jubilation as South Sudan gained its independence. Despite of the exuberance that accompanied the birth of the world’s newest... Read more
6 July 2011
Tweet JUBA, South Sudan — "Walk like a midwife," the students of a UNFPA-supported community midwifery programme in Kaji Keji tell each other. "A midwife walks fast on her way to save lives!" For midwives in the... Read more
10 July 2011
JUBA, Republic of South Sudan — In the early morning hours of the 9th of July, as citizens woke up to a nation only a few hours old, UNFPA-trained midwives helped to deliver one of the first babies of the new Republic... Read more
19 May 2011
Tweet JUBA, South Sudan — Following decades of conflict and uncertainty in South Sudan, everything has to be rebuilt. Although the region’s capital, Juba, is now thriving following five years of peace, rural areas... Read more
20 January 2011
The mood in Juba and across many parts of Sudan is one of jubilation, according to several observers at the scene. Among the happiest people are South Sudanese women, who are hoping that the referendum on independence,... Read more
10 January 2011
JUBA, Southern Sudan — Tens of thousands of Sudanese citizens are on the move, returning from the North to the South to participate in a referendum that will determine whether the South will secede. UN agencies are... Read more