12 March 2017
Women in remote areas have limited access to sexual and reproductive health care. © UNFPA Mongolia/Bayartsogt Shagdarsuren
DORNOD/KHENTII, Mongolia – Mongolia was struck by harsh conditions this winter, raising risks for pastoral and nomadic communities. An estimated 165,000 people were affected, according to the UN Humanitarian Coordinator... Read more
19 June 2015
Altanchimeg, a midwife, delivers a baby in Ulaanbataar, the capital. She provides expert advice to provincial hospitals around Mongolia through the Telemedicine Network. © UNFPA Mongolia/Tim Jenkins
ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia – Not long ago, 22-year-old Enkhtsetseg would have had to travel for nearly two days to reach treatment for serious pregnancy complications. Maternal health specialists were available only in... Read more
21 May 2014
ZAVKHAN PROVINCE, Mongolia – “Y-Peer saved my life. For that, I am so thankful,” says Oyuka,* recalling a time when she contemplated suicide. That was before Enkhbat, an educator with the youth peer education programme... Read more
1 February 2002
The Mongolia Representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Linda Demers, has received an honorary doctorate degree in Economic Science from the National University of Mongolia, the nation's oldest and... Read more
24 July 2006
ULAANBATAAR, Mongolia — Like the rest of Asia, Mongolia is rapidly urbanizing, although it remains the most sparsely inhabited country in the continent. A third of the country’s 2.5 million people now live in or around... Read more
27 May 2010
UVS PROVINCE, Mongolia — Mongolia is still reeling last winter’s ‘dzud’ that sent temperatures plunging to – 40 degrees, and killed nearly more than 7.8 million animals, over 17 per cent of the country’s livestock. The... Read more