10 December 2019
A women-friendly space in Attapue. UNFPA has helped the Lao Women's Union to provide psychosocial support in the community. Such efforts will continue as the country rolls out the Essential Services Package. © UNFPA Lao People's Democratic Republic
VIENTIANE, Lao People’s Democratic Republic – La* spends her days providing support to survivors of violence and human trafficking in Vientiane, the capital of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Then at night, she... Read more
10 April 2018
Out's pregnancy is assessed by a midwife during an antenatal home visit. © UNFPA/Ruth Carr
THAPANGTHONG, Lao People’s Democratic Republic – “Just lie still and relax. Breathe slowly,” midwife Khoun Keobouttavong told Out, 30. Out was laying on the floor of her small stilt house in the southern Thapangthong... Read more
13 July 2016
Agnod counsels villagers on family planning. Efforts like Agnod's have helped the country lower its maternal death rate significantly. © UNFPA/Matthew Taylor
SAVANAKHET PROVINCE, Lao People's Democratic Republic – "The village was full of kids before,” said Agnod, 56, in a remote community in the Lao People's Democratic Republic. Nestled in a forest near the border with Viet... Read more
3 March 2015
Laipong and Tongdam Kongwan receive family planning information and services from Bounthone Kongphongma, a community health volunteer, in the remote village of Lao Luang. © UNFPA/Micka Perier
VIENTIANE, Lao People's Democratic Republic – “If only my wife and I knew early enough about family planning and could access services, we would have had four children – not 14, as we did,” said Bounthone Kongphongma,... Read more
30 October 2013
SAVANNAKHET, Lao People’s Democratic Republic — Kids grow up fast in some remote villages in southern Laos. With limited options to attend school, many opt to marry at age 14 or 15, or even younger, and start having... Read more
18 January 2013
SEPON HOSPITAL, Lao PDR — Twenty-five-year-old Xanya had twirled herself around her husband for comfort in the family tak-tak (an open-air cart attached to a motor by a long set of handlebars) along the 12 kilometres of... Read more
21 June 2011
XIENG KHOUANG, Lao People’s Democratic Republic — Pregnant again after suffering a stillbirth and a miscarriage at home, Ta Sivilay is comforted to know help is now available nearby. “I lost two babies. It was very sad... Read more
16 April 2009
VIENTIANE, Lao PDR - United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited the Lao People’s Democratic Republic earlier this week, marking the first visit of a Secretary-General to the country in nearly 25 years. Mr. Ban... Read more
2 May 2005
PHONTONG, Saravan Province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic—A visiting health education team has set up a stage and loudspeakers, and the whole village has come to watch. A dozen adolescents are sitting up front. They... Read more
31 March 2005
SONG KLONG, Saravan Province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic—A medical officer from a travelling health team sits at a table outside a hut in this remote village and examines Ny Sirimatham and her infant son. He talks... Read more